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Franchise Agreement

Purchasing a Franchise is a major decision in your life - both from a financial investment perspective and also personally.  We are experienced Franchise Lawyers and can advise you professionally in relation to all aspects of your Franchise Purchase and Business Start-Up, including with respect to the Franchising Code of Conduct and The Trade Practices (Industry Codes - Franchising) Regulations 1998 which are applicable to Franchising in Australia. 

No matter where you are in Australia we can assist you with your franchise legal needs for a low fixed fee.  Whether your Franchise is a Coffee Franchise, Fast Food Franchise, Mortgage Brokerage Franchise, Fitness Franchise, Beauty Franchise, Home Maintenance Franchise, Real Estate Franchise, Home Services Franchise, or any other type of Franchise System, we are able to help you.

Your Franchisor will provide you with both a Franchise Agreement and also a Franchise Disclosure Document.  We will review your Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Documents for you and discuss them with you. We will also provide you with the necessary Solicitors Certificate generally required by Franchisors. 

Experienced Franchise Lawyers

Our Legal Director was named Australian Corporate Lawyer of the Year in 2009. We know what is usual and what is not usual in Franchise Agreements and what to look out for when you are considering buying a Franchise Business. We can review the documents and advise you quickly and appropriately.  We also offer a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with the review service we provide you.

We will help you through this process and explain it to you in plain english always answering all your questions.  We will be excited for you as you start your new business but we will represent your best interests throughout this process, partnering with you to get you up and running sooner in your new business. 

We look forward to getting to know you and working with you as you start this exciting chapter of your life. Contact us now for a fixed fee quote using the "To Request a Price or To Ask a Question" facility to the right - we will call you back no later than 24 hours after we receive your request (but generally  we will call you back within a few hours) to have a free no obligation discussion with your about your franchise and business needs and to provide you with a fixed fee quote. 

Why Us?

  1. Low Cost Fixed Fee – No Hourly Rates
  2. Quality and Experience
  3. Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement Reviewed
  4. No Uncertainty over Fees
  5. Unique Industry Leading Franchisee Checklist Used
  6. Guidance Sheets to Help You Understand
  7. For Multi-Site Clients Customised Approach Possible

Our Process?

  1. Contact us for a fixed fee quote.
  2. Lodge the franchise documents through FranchiseCheck on the website.
  3. Use the customised menus and  instruction collection boxes to provide franchise details.
  4. Add documents in any format using the customised document collection functionality.
  5. Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement will be reviewed against your instructions and you will be called or emailed with any follow up questions.
  6. Amended Franchise Agreement, or a Letter to the Franchisor requesting changes, will be provided.
  7. Franchisors response is reviewed and the final Franchise Agreement reviewed against the matters as agreed.
  8. When Franchise Agreement is ready for signing, you will be provided an execution instruction advice advising you where to sign.

To keep our prices low you will need to submit your details and all relevant documents electronically. We will communicate with you primarily by email but we may need to call you so keep your phone on. Like you we work long hours, but we generally won’t call you before 8am nor after 9pm, and not on Sundays. All services are provided subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Note: Franchisors should contact Low Cost Legal, to enquire about our Ultimate Legal Office customised solution for Franchise Document production.

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