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Lease Agreement

Low Cost Legal is very experienced in the drafting and reviewing of all types of lease agreements including retail leases, commercial lease and industrial leases.  Each type of lease has its different nuances and required and legislative regimes.  

As we are experienced we know what to look for and what is typical in leasing transactions.  We also are familiar in determining a breakdown of Landlord and Tenant works (and inclusions) for new premises which are to be handed over to a  Tenant for fitout.

We provide leasing services for individual sites and also for businesses with multiple sites. We have previously completed leasing for business including David Jones, MML, TLC, Gloria Jeans and The Star Casino.  See our Links page for additional information about leasing.

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  1. Low Cost Fixed Fee
  2. Retail, Commercial and Industrial Leases Reviewed
  3. No Uncertainty over Fees
  4. Unique Industry Leading Tenant Checklist
  5. Guidance Sheets to Help You Understand
  6. For Multi-Site Clients Customised Approach Possible.


  1. Fixed Fee for Lease Review
  2. Fixed Fee for Storage Licence
  3. Fixed Fee for Outdoor Seating Licence


  1. Request a Price from Us.
  2. Lodge the lease with Instructions through Lease Check on the website.
  3. Use the drop down menus and customised instruction collection boxes to provide lease details and your instructions.
  4. Add documents in any format using the customised document collection functionality.
  5. Lease will be reviewed against your instructions and you will be called or emailed with any follow up questions.
  6. Amended lease, or a Letter to the Landlord requesting changes, will be provided.
  7. Landlord’s response is reviewed and the final lease reviewed against the matters as agreed.
  8. When Lease is ready for signing, you will be provided with an execution instruction sheet.

To keep our prices low you will need to submit your details and all relevant documents electronically. We will communicate with you primarily by email but we will call you to take instructions. Like you we work long hours, but we generally won’t call you before 8am nor after 9pm, and not on Sundays. You will receive an email acknowledging we have received your instructions shortly after you have submitted your details and document and we will then contact you again within 48 hours.

All services are provided subject to our Terms and Conditions and are provided by Low Cost Legal (ABN 25 161 269 263). Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Legal practitioners who are employed or are directors of Low Cost Legal are members of the scheme.

Note: Lessors should contact Low Cost Legal, to enquire about our Ultimate Legal Office customised solution for Lease Document production.

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